How to get help in math: "Math help!"

Having many tools for education as we do have today, there is one tool that outsmarts (or outmaths) them all. It is yourself. You need to get help in math? Help yourself. Read from your text book, read online material, see peoples blogs, try to get the solved examples, , try to do your homework, try to solve a few sums, and so on...

The list seems never ending, doesn't it? But if you do do each of these steps regularly, it will take hardly 2 hours to score learn math.

Here is a guide which you can follow in your everyday schedule - and you will surely see the results yourself!

Read from your text book: 15 minutes
Take 15 minutes aside from everything. Sit in a quite place in your room tell everyone not to disturb you. And take your text book and read the one chapter which you want to study:
  • You don't need to read it thoroughly
  • You don't need to learn the formulas
  • You just need to get what this topic is about.
Read online material/blogs: 15 minutes
Again, do not let anything disturb you for these 15 minutes. Search your topic on the web, find a few decent looking sites, and click on the most decent looking one. Remember to click only on one site: The more sites you will open in one go, the more you will be confused.
Go through the site and see if it matches your text book's material. Now try to understand some of the concepts explained in the site. Note down the formulas mentioned in the topic and see what the formulas mean.

Go through a few solved examples: 15 minutes
Whether in your text book, or in a math site/blog, you will certainly find some solved examples. These are essential parts of math. You need to take the first solved question, and understand how they did it:
  • What is asked in the question?
  • Which formula/theorem/principle or concept is used to solve it?
If you get your two above questions answered in each of the solved examples, you have completed almost 50% of the work. This means that presently, if you sit a test, you will score 50% at the very least. Just remember these solved examples in your test, and the formulas used.

Try your homework: 15 minutes
Okay. You don't complete your homework everyday. Or, you copy it from your friends book?
Just spend 15 minutes on trying to do your first few sums on your homework. After following this procedure, there will be very few home works that you do not complete yourself:
  • Match your homework sums with the solved examples in your text book or on Google.
  • Now see which formula they used to solve it.
  • Try to use the same formula in the question yourself.
  • Complete.
Now, take a short break...

Try a few sums: 15 minutes
With homework, you have to do the sums given. Now chose which sums you like to solve most from the exercise given in your text book. Do all of these. Leave the rest for now.

Following the above procedure, you will have secured your 75% marks on this topic till now. This means that if you sit a test presently, 75% is the lest grade you will get. (Don't worry if you get below 75%. It means that you need to spend 15 more minutes, sincerely, on basic concepts.)

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