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Basic integration formulas

The following are some basic integration formulas. (You need to learn them in order to be able to do integration)

Trigonometric formulas

`\int sin(x) dx = -cos(x) + C`
`\int cos(x) dx = sin(x) + C`
`\int sec^2(x) dx = tan(x) + C`
`\int csc^2(x) dx = -cot(x) + C`
`\int sec(x)tan(x) dx = sec(x) + C`
`\int csc(x)cot(x) dx = -csc(x) + C`
Notice that the formulas for sec(x), cot(x), tan(x) and csc(x) are missing in the above list. This is because their formulas are more complex and are derived using substitutions and basic integration formulas. So they are discussed later.

Exponential function

`\int e^x dx = e^x + C`
`\int a^x dx = a^x /ln(a) + C` (where 'a' is a positive number greater than zero)
It may also be beneficial to again state the two formulas we have learnt till now:
`\int x^n dx = x^(n + 1) /(n + 1) + C`
`\int 1/x dx = ln(x) + C`