Trigonometry identities - 3

Trigonometric identity: 1 + cot2(θ) = cosec2(θ) 

This trigonometric identity is directly derived from sin2(θ) + cos2(θ) = 1. Consider the trigonometric identity sin2(θ) + cos2(θ) = 1. On dividing this equation by sin2(θ), we get the following equation:

In this equation:
  • "sin2(θ) / sin2(θ)" is equal to 1
  • "cos2(θ) / sin2(θ)" is equal to cot2(θ)
  • "1 / sin2(θ)" is equal to cosec2(θ)
Thus the equation becomes,
1 + cot2(θ) = cosec2(θ)
... which is the required identity.

Trigonometric identities applied:

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