Introduction to Permutations

"Permutations" is a very simple mathematics topic. The scary name scares you. That's all.

Now let us study Permutations.

What are permutations?
They are the different arrangements.

Different arrangements of what?
Of any numbers, objects, colors, alphabets, etc.

So exactly how do you arrange the objects?
We arrange them by changing their orders. For example, there are three balls of colours red, green and blue. We can arrange them in different orders as follows:

  • Red-Green-Blue
  • Green-Red-Blue
  • Blue-Green-Red
  • Red-Blue-Green
  • Blue-Red-Green
  • Green-Blue-Red

In each of the above arrangements (or Permutations, now), note that the same objects are arranged in different orders. Each arrangement is called a permutation.

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