Errors that we do while solving math problems

When you don't get the solution of a Math problem, you should try to troubleshoot the problem and see where you were doing wrong. Before starting with a new method to solve the problem, check each of your steps for the following errors one by one.

1. Calculation error
Whether due to copying the question wrong, or due to incorrect calculations, a calculation error can occur numerous times in solving questions. There may be more than one calculation error in your solution, so check each and every step properly.

This error occurs occasionally with people who write illegibly, which makes them take one letter for another, one number for another, and the whole process is wasted. So even if your handwriting is not good, write clearly, neatly and with well amount of spaces in your text. Don't hesitate to extend the solution of a problem over two full pages, as you are avoiding a potential error while writing neatly.

Another common cause for a calculation error is when you do a problem with disinterest, or, are paying attention somewhere else. Remember this: The brain can do one work at a time properly. Multitasking is not compatible with studies.
2. Formula remodeling
Many a times, while applying formulae, you remember the wrong version of a formula. This is worse than not remembering it at all, because you will be spending hours on speculating what was wrong in your question when the only mistake was a little mid remodeled formula. So always learn each and every formula painstickingly, as, although this being a little task, can help you avoid at least some percentage of errors.

When you are practicing, don't hesitate to double check the formula in case you are unsure about its structure. But, more importantly, once you feel comfortable with a formula, always try to do problems without the help of any textbook so that you get the practice of remembering it as well.
3. Speeding your way through the problem
Many a times, you attempt to solve a question without even reading it properly. Read every question twice, or thrice, or even a bazillion times, until you properly understand each nook and cranny of the question. Otherwise even a thousand attempts at solution may not be of any consequence.

Read the problem until you have understood it. Then note down each given value and condition in an orderly manner. Then note down what the problem asks you to find out. Then start solving the problem

Remember this: A math problem can take from few seconds to hours to even few days to solve. Don't worry if it is taking you a long time to solve Math problems. Just keep at it.
4. Unable to find the solution
You have understood the problem well, but are unable to find any way to its solution.  You are at sea thinking about which formula should be applied where. This is the most common situation. Do not be daunted when this happens to you. Always keep patience and keep thinking about the problem. Revise each and every concept and formula related to that problem. For better, make a list of formulae and/or principles that may be required to solve the problem on a separate piece of paper. Then try to sort things out.

Always keep in mind that every problem in Math has a solution. So, it is just a matter of your finding a way to the solution.

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